Classes for B.B.A., B.Com., B.A. LL.B. have commenced from 4th August  |  Maintain attendance in classes as per DAVV norms

Commerce, today offers great opportunities to a career-oriented student. Various prestigious specializations await a Commerce Graduate today.
As an employee, your commerce specialization will find you enjoying a major say in shaping the financial fortune of the organization. As an entrepreneur, you will start off with the unbeatable advantage of knowing the intricacies of what makes the business world go round - money!

You have chosen commerce because you prefer your career to move ahead faster and further, and you have chosen right! Over the years, analysis by our experts has shown that those who aspire to make it big in the world of business and finance do and need to do well in commerce. If you enjoy reading, have an inclination for working with figures and have a huge appetite for scanning and digesting numerical data, you are a great fit for commerce. Business Economics, Financial Accounting, Cost Accountancy, Income Tax, Auditing, Business Finance, Business Law, etc.

The need for good managers will continue to increase across the world in the years to come. Efficient utilization of depleting resources will be the key to survival and growth for most organizations.
India is one of the few countries that has been relatively unaffected by the Global Meltdown! As our country continues to grow, individuals with quality management education will be in high demand.
Management as a profession offers a golden future to those who possess leadership qualities, people skills, and effective communication skills and who follow an analytical approach to solving problems.
All business houses today understand the importance of professionally qualified managers. Hiring them reduces their business opportunity cost. Management graduates, therefore, are always in demand by companies that understand the value they offer, irrespective of economic conditions. Over the past two decades, our national economy has been radically restructured and there are opportunities available now that were unheard of earlier.

The legal profession is one of the oldest and more important professions in human civilization. During the late nineties and in the beginning of this century, various socio-economic factors have contributed to once again make these careers very appealing. Increasing globalization and rapidly advancing Information and Communication Technologies have influenced the surge in the legal profession while with globalization have cropped up issues such as intellectual property rights and compliance with international trade laws. The growth of IT and IT enabled services has contributed to newer areas such as Cyber crime.
More and more Indian companies are looking forward to expanding their business beyond the boundaries of India and more and more multinational companies are coming to India. So, while Indian companies need to adhere to international laws, multinational companies need proper guidance on Indian laws.
The legal profession today, is one of the fastest growing and lucrative professions all over the world. It happens to be one of the most adventurous and exciting as well, etc.

At Altius, we are constantly involved in various activities involving the student community and society at large. This has resulted in positive media coverage of our endeavours. Click here to get a feel of the different activities that Altians have been involved in.

At Altius, academics and extra-curricular and co-curricular events go hand in hand. We organize events round the year...some purely academic and others! Click here to get a round-up of events conducted all round the previous year, etc.

At Altius, we regularly conduct events for our students as well as for the larger student community. In the recent past we have had eminent personalities such as Justice A K Patnaik, Justice (Retd,) Deepak Verma, Advocate Pavan Duggal and Mr. Rakshit Tandon presenting their views on a range of topics. Their talks have been recorded and uploaded for benefit of the student community and others.