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Mass Communication

The field of Mass Communication is one with limitless possibilities. It covers a wide range of industries and professions – newspapers and magazines, electronics media, advertising and public relations, outdoor advertising, films, and radio.

In recent times, the tremendous growth of the internet has witnessed a new category – online media. Today there are specialists in this field – be it in online journalism (webcasts, podcasts) or digital marketing and communication experts.
The attraction for students lies in the fact that it is an area where they can exercise their creative skills and also be visible to a large audience. It gives them a rush to be able to sway the opinions and mind-sets of a large target audience.
Being a journalist thrusts them into the limelight, so to speak. In India the conventional career in this stream woold see the student doing an undergraduate course in Mass Communication or Journalism and following that up with a post-graduate course in the same discipline or a job.


1st Year
  1. English Paper - I
    English Paper - II
  2. Hindi Paper - I
    Hindi Paper - II
  3. Introduction to Mass Communication Paper - I
    Introduction to Mass Communication Paper - II
  4. History of Media Paper - I
    History of Media Paper - II
2nd Year
  1. Reporting and Editing Paper - I
    Reporting and Editing Paper - II
  2. Writing for Mass Media Paper - I
    Writing for Mass Media Paper - II
  3. Economic Development and Planning of India Paper - I
    Economic Development and Planning of India Paper - II
  4. Public Administration Paper - I
    Public Administration Paper - II

Semester 5
  1. Advertising
  2. Public Relation
  3. Current Affairs
  4. Introduction to Audio-Visual Media
  5. Add Ons At Altius
    1. TV News Production
    2. TV Serials Production
Semester 6
  1. Development Communication
  2. Film Journalism
  3. Editorial and Feature Writing
  4. Newspaper Management
  5. Add Ons At Altius
    1. Print (Journalism)
    2. Digitam Marketing